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Decompose kiln to use the development state of affairs of technology of grog of
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Decompose kiln to use the sense of grog of anthracitic to calcine beforehand

Enter new century, industry of our country cement enters flying development period, so far, at least more than 800 decompose kiln cement product line beforehand enlisting in army for national base construction, and these product line are expending many coal natural resources every year. Although reserves of our country coal is rich, breed is all ready, but distributing in countrywide coal reserves reach breed to distributing going up is lopsided however. From look on the whole, reserves of our country northward coal is much, southern reserves is little; Look from breed, southern the coal of a lot of province basically is low volatilize minute of coal. Long-term since, to satisfy the need that southern region the sources of energy uses, be forced the carry austral boreal coal.

Current, 5% what our country produces cement to take coal total supply with coal quantity, conservative estimation is 100 million tons. In conventional cement production technology, product line of general rotary kiln and product line of new-style cement working a way must use soft coal, these soft coal are main northerly a few big coal mines. Such, it is the wastage that increases northward soft coal, increased a burden to industry of our country coal; 2 was to increase railroad transport power, make our country carries industry with respect to heavy traffic originally more nervous; 3 it is southeast foreland makes plant of how old and medium-sized cement abandon place low volatilize cent is anthracitic need not, make coal utilization rate is reduced greatly; 4 it is southern cement plant a large number of use north produce soft coal, because freight is used up, the raise on coal price, cement produces cost to rise greatly; 5 it is southern cement plant to assure cement serial production, must build old lay aside coal yard to come lay aside coal, increased cement plant to capital construction invests and cover an area of an area already so, also make produce cost to rise, factory economic benefits drops.

Accordingly, the promotion that decomposes what kiln uses technology of grog of anthracitic to calcine beforehand and application, can increase factory economic benefits already, eased the pressure that traffic carries again, also used fuel reasonably, have very tall technology economic benefits and favorable social beneficial result, can last what be helpful for cement industry development, benefit state interest civilian, the sense is very great.

Our country decomposes kiln to use the development situation of technology of grog of anthracitic to calcine beforehand

Personnel of design of research of technology of production of our country cement is early the research that in 20 centuries 90 time began to decompose kiln to use technology of grog of anthracitic to calcine beforehand, arrive from courtyard of scientific research of Chinese building materials designing institute of 3 flood mud, made much scientific research and industrial test, in using achievement of science and technology at producing practice. The maturity that our country decomposes kiln to use technology of grog of anthracitic to calcine beforehand was experienced introduce, digest, the innovation, practice, process that has own innovation again. Till 2004, just mixed to Nanjing courtyard in succession 2007 this technology of Tianjin courtyard has scientific identification.
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