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Try produce special type cement to make artificial rainfall agent control proble
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News of network of cement market conditions, a few days ago, senior engineer Qin Zhigang is accepting form of professor of place of cement of academy of science of Chinese housing materials when interviewing, proposal Beijing committee of science and technology takes the lead, the organization studies about building materials of army, China total courtyard resembles a branch to combine compatibly, in season of arrival of summerly autumn typhoon, change the ground to make cement rainfall agent consider for fire cause with the sand of Beijing northwest ministry. Discharge test site suggests to choose north is in Beijing think a stand.

The Qin Dynasty often thinks, turn fly ash of boiling slag down to into the effective constituent that improves an environment, play establishs kiln plant easy adjustment characteristic tries produce special type cement to make artificial rainfall lotion, restrain the Yang Sha issue that turns the land dene, be worth to take research seriously. The appeal concerns a section as soon as possible project approving, capture favorable opportunity to develop research and test as soon as possible.

Origin: Net of cement market conditions

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