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Benefit of grinding aid of Taurus share savor
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News of network of cement market conditions, plant of cement of share of Heibei Jin Nengjin ox joins grinding aid in cement production, raised the yield when cement obliterates the platform of machine effectively.

Plant of Taurus share cement the adaptability that from May 2007 the portion begins to study cement grinding aid and this factory chant peaceful card cement, undertake for many times small grind reach grind an experiment greatly, on the foundation that analysed many test data, use cement grinding aid formally finally at production of this factory cement.

Grind in cement pink grinding aid is joined in the process, can counteract abrade medium and scaleboard effectively apparently charge and balance price key, prevent the adhere of grain, avoided gasket to include ball appearance, promoted those who smash to undertake; In the meantime, because the surface sucks grain to make the fluidity of powdery body rises with grinding aid, raised pink to grind efficiency thereby, the content of the grain of 3~32 μ M that makes main effect has to intensity in cement increased 10%~20% , raised cement effectively inchoate intensity. In addition, use grinding aid still can promote cement grain globose change, raise coefficient of cement grain circularity, optimized all sorts of physics function of cement thereby.

According to statistic, since plant of Taurus share cement uses cement grinding aid oneself, the yield when obliterating machine platform rose 16% the left and right sides, 3 days of compressive strength raise cement above of 2.5M P A; Below the premise that accords with national level, can reduce clinker dosage 5% the left and right sides, year can reduce manufacturing cost to make an appointment with 4 million yuan.

Origin: Net of cement market conditions

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