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"Seminar of international of technology of structure of freeboard wear concrete
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News of network of cement market conditions, recently, by in build undergraduate of association of old Scientists and Technologists of university of company of concrete of 3 bureaus commodity, Tsinghua, Japan to produce labour to learn ministry, Lu Dao to build (individual plant) Central Research Institute sponsors jointly " seminar of international of technology of structure of freeboard wear concrete " in Wuhan international of university of Hua Zhongke ability. The conference assist running an unit is concrete of Wuhan concrete association, China Inc. of net, 31 heavy industry, Switzerland gets stuck on the west (China) housing materials limited company, medium silicon is committee of can high-powered concrete, medium structure of smelt metal group studies total courtyard is high-powered concrete academy. Conference paper market collects a paper in all more than 60, join conference representing 200 much people.

Report of this second congress theme, specially invite report and other report all reflected the newest progress of technology of concrete of current domestic and international cement and newest success, the expectation that reflected science and technology of pair of 21 centuries concrete and expect, be sure to produce very powerful direct effect to the concrete application henceforth and research. Session, still held the commissarial meeting of high-powered concrete committee, of the academic activity to committee and a conference hold undertook consultative.

Through conference communication of nearly two days, the organizing committee arranged the discussion of a period of time afternoon the following day in the conference especially. Each airs his own views of delegate attending the meeting, speak out freely, the focal problem that pays close attention to extensively spread out a harangue, edificatory thinking, yield results is remarkable. Finally, by industry of our country concrete academy of sciences of senior expert, the Yangtse River Professor Liu Chongxi does summary to make a speech, the characteristic that discusses to Bencihui and achievement undertake generalizing with Baconian, right the development direction of our country high-powered concrete will put forward to foreknow henceforth with look into.

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