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2000t/d of company of 3 heart cement burns anthracitic cement product line a cer
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1 general situation

Limited company of 3 industry of heart cement building materials are by Longyan city new 3 heart promote limited company of industry of collect area building materials and Hong Kong Xing Sande limited company, Singapore the Chinese-foreign joint venture of build of industrial limited company. Build cement product line is decomposed outside a 2 000 T/d burns anthracitic kiln completely, stay have the room that extend is the same as dimensions product line. In August 1995 break earth, ignition entered trial production phase successfully on May 2, 1997, implementation amounted to mark in September 1997. The project includes to produce per year product line of cement of mine of sandstone of pink of mine of limestone of 840 thousand T, 170 thousand T, 700 thousand T. Design of project main body designs an academy to assume by Nanjing cement industry. Mainframe equipment is offerred by foreign company, domestic equipment equips by Chinese building materials head office and company of whole set of equipment of Fujian Province machinery are in charge of supplying. Imported equipment amount amounts to 3 130 10 thousand dollars, import 2 886 T of Electromechanical equipment gross weight.

2 mainframe equipment

2.1 limestone are broken reach carry
Limestone mine and plant area are apart from 11 Km continuously, elevation differs 450 M high. The TKLPC20.22B that broken system chooses plant of Shanghai heavy-duty machine to produce is odd 10 M weighs paragraph of hammer type crusher and the 2 M × that Shenyang mine machinery plant produces template type feeding machine, allow to enter 800 Mm of × of 1 100 of × of makings granuality 1 100, give 75 Mm of makings granuality < , crop amounts to 600 T/h. Broken the ore after by rubber belt conveyor of B800 × 10 079.059 M (cent paragraph) send to plant area beforehand leveling storage yard, the change trains round warehouse that midway sets storage capacity of two Φ 12 M to be 3 000 T, control system uses S curve flexible starting technology, case (make) move add decelerate to spend ≤ 0.05 M/s2.
2.2 production make equipment system
Feed makings with balance of 4 Shen Ke, raw material pink is ground use press of RP15.0 / 140-160 roller eventually pink grinds a system, enter makings is integrated water portion ≤ 7% , design crop is 180 T/h, effort of 6 500 Mm promotes machine pump to send × of Φ 17 M 42 M according to fort much material sheds type to give birth to makings leveling library.
System of preparation of 2.3 coal fines
Choose × of Φ 3 M 5. Wind of 1 M of 5 M + is swept grind, the fineness after via LSS3 200 the machine that choose pink and tornado of Φ 2 600 Mm select powdery engine is controlled respectively in 5% ~ 6%R0.08 and 1.5%R0.08, reach for kiln head respectively decompose furnace to use, hello expect the Keliaolisi that uses Shen Ke firm is metric balance.
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