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3 old crucial techniques prop up high-powered cement
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Metastable is changed, change imperceptibly, compound change 3 old crucial techniques solve the progress of science and technology that will be cement industry and structural adjustment to lay solid foundation.

Traditional cement puts in the issue with very outstanding the following: Firing temperature is high, the sources of energy is used up tall; Resource is used up big; CO2With SO2Reach NOXDischarge capacity is large, environmental pollution is serious; To hydrate rate is low, only 30%~50% cement to hydrate is used at satisfying function to design index, bring about cement effective utilization rate is low; Intensity is inferior, integral performance is not quite good, wear is poor.

And high-powered cement should have new generation the following two big characteristics: It is from energy-saving fall the angle of bad news and environmental protection sets out, high-powered cement must have low calcic silicon lower than mixing firing temperature; 2 be from raise dosage of cement function, managing cement to set out, high-powered cement has tall water hard active and high to hydrate rate. For can preparation gives this kind to have " two low, two tall " the high-powered cement of the characteristic, must solve the following 3 old crucial techniques: It is metastable changes a technology, it is to be below inferior temperature condition, preparation tall active, low calcic silicon guarantees a system than the technology of cement; 2 it is to change a technology imperceptibly, it is the cement grain that preparation has lesser dimension, class to cooperate manage, guarantee a system in order to acquire the technology of the cement that tall active, tall to hydrate leads; 3 it is compound change a technology, it is to improve cement quality, the technology that makes cement gains the admirable performance characteristics such as high strenth, muti_function, macrobian life guarantees a system.

The settlement of 3 old crucial techniques progresses the science and technology that is cement industry and structural adjustment establishs above solid base. To 2010, high-powered cement should achieve following technology economic norms: The main function of cement rises 50% , compressive strength raises 80MPa by 55MPa; Cement dosage reduces 25% ; Firing temperature reduces 100 ℃ .

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