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Current situation of bag type dust catcher and innovation are looked into
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[Summary]The filter makings that summarized bag type dust catcher, clear grey pattern and process control development, current situation; From the angle of innovation, existing to bag type dust catcher production technology offerred improved program, be like: With can produce have hop-pocket of longitudinal veins that stand out under the skin the numerical control machine of basket bone, replace existing basket bone to manufacture technology; With new-style bedspring basket bone is replaced have longitudinal veins that stand out under the skin basket bone. Bold ground, creativity ground put forward " do not have filter of type of flower board, old plane, V (bag) dust catcher " broke bag type dust catcher to press filter directional classification, cent is inside filter and outside the bounds of filter; "Aspirant gas, double flower board have dust catcher of type of bag of type of the filter inside basket bone " implementation direct current, suitable gush and appropriate are online clear ash; "Dust catcher of type of grey bag of proper motion Qing Dynasty " broke bag type dust catcher to press classification of clear grey pattern: 1. Mechanical vibration kind; 2. Air current backflushing kind; 3. Pulse gush is blown kind in all 3 kinds. Innovation designed the 4th kind, namely proper motion Qing Dynasty is grey kind; Designed the fiducial module of bag type dust catcher first, make design of bag type dust catcher, production standardization becomes a possibility.

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One, the current situation

Appear from 1886 bag type dust catcher up to now, bag type dust catcher got very great progress. Its application measures the 60-70% that occupies gross of of all kinds dust catcher about now. This basically depends on the progress of the development that filter expects, clear grey technology reachs moving pilot progressively modernization.

The ceaseless development that filter expects material is qualitative, promoting the development that filter expects. Arrive from natural fiber, fibre glass, synthetic fibre metallic fiber, development went silicate fiber now, its are high temperature resistant reach be able to bear or endure chemistry is caustic good, but do not be able to bear or endure fold, spin performance is poor, still make filter material hard, but make new filter material very likely through compound fiber.

Filter makings develops the aftertreatment technology of pinprick felt and pinprick felt from makings of machine weaving filter, make pinprick felt has a lot of good performance, if the surface is slick, be able to bear or endure chemistry is corroded, waterproof prevent oil, prevent grind function, antistatic etc, enlarged the applied limits that pinprick felt filter expects. Compound high temperature resistant the production of pinprick felt and application, make filter makings is had with normal temperature, medium lukewarm the whole set to high temperature. The application that laminating filter expects, make of bag type dust catcher remove dust the principle filters with what bag filter expects, dust layer, to pinprick three-dimensional filter, the surface that develops laminating filter material all the time filters. Make remove dust efficiency from original 50%-80% , arrive to bead diameter 0.1
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