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Conch cement: Increase buy equity strength to add situation do not decrease
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Be worth methodological computation with DCF appraise, implicit value amounts to conch cement 39.5 yuan / ; According to outstanding achievement was calculated 2009, relative value is 38.4 yuan / as floor slab piece bibcock, conch cement <00914.HK><600585.SH>2008 year to outstanding achievement still can maintain steady growth 2010, and conch cement near future is on 2 class market increased the strength that equity buys, its share price also begins the trend that picks up by occurrence explore.

According to statistic, will come on September 17 these 10 will trade on October 7 meridian, conch cement is handed in cast apparently active, share price accumulative total rises 11.39% , and index of the card on the corresponding period rises it is only 8.62% ; Interval accumulative total changes a hand to lead 13.25% , and will come on September 3 accumulative total will change a hand to lead on September 16 9.48% . From clinch a deal look on the quantity, conch cement near future appears posture of apparent to the limit of one's capacity, will come on September 17 interval day all will clinch a deal on October 7 six million nine hundred and sixty-three thousand four hundred, trade with before this 10 day photograph compares growth 25.84% . After 11 long holidays, conch cement pace and grail agree basically, on October 6, 7 days two trade accumulative total of day share price drops 5.64% , accumulative total of index of the card on the corresponding period drops 5.93% .

Study a report according to Bohai Sea negotiable securities, prospective cement demand still driving, value the conch cement that has technology, cost and capital dominant position as before. Be worth methodological computation with DCF appraise, conch cement is absolutely value 39.5 yuan / ; According to outstanding achievement was calculated 2009, relative value is 38.4 yuan / . Although grail of share price of two days of companies glides somewhat recently, but hind city still is valued.

Conch cement is the cement group that domestic head home appears on the market in Hong Kong, ten years since, keep active with investor communicate, established the dovish, capital market image that grows continuously, revealed the investment value of Chinese cement industry. Erupt in near future United States the stock market outside financial disturbance, churchyard lasts low below confused condition, three rate of Guo Wen of conch cement president managed a layer to attend Lyons negotiable securities to be held in Hong Kong " the 15th Lyons invests forum " , with Magendatong Chinese division president Ms. Li Jing, and Fidelity(Fu Daji gold) , Capital(capital international) wait for international large investment orgnaization with respect to China estate is macroscopical economy slow down, small competition of inadequacy of the impact that confuses pair of cement industries, demand, market, enterprise.

Conch cement manages a layer to think: Suffer the effect of American finance disturbance and delay of global economy hasten, speed of Chinese economy progress also is met somewhat slow down, but the growth that construction of infrastructure construction of China, new rural area still can maintain stable, short-term inside estate investment glides demand of meeting influence cement, but from will for a long time look, according to Chinese national condition, estate can maintain persistent development. Cement industry falls in action of macroscopical adjusting control in last few years, concentration is spent taller and taller, proportion of new-style cement working a way is higher and higher also, supply demand relations gets ameliorative stage by stage, and the raw material price such as coal rises considerably, make level of industry whole gain is affected. Here the environment falls, conch cement is advanced energetically energy-saving decrease a platoon, accelerate more than heat to generate electricity project construction, obtain remarkable result. In the meantime, the development strategy advantage of dilate of this company low cost is able to reflect further, it is investment cost is low, 2 it is content shedding cost is low, 3 it is management cost is low. Prospective 2-3 year, conch cement is given priority to with building, buy annex to be complementary development strategy won't be changed. The development strategy of the near future is the market position that continues to perfect the eastpart part, mid, south, accelerate the strategic cloth drop western at the same time, increase the project investment of ministry of Chinese and Western and market construction, the yield that continues to enlarge a company can dimensions.
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