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Cement of JPM general conch (0914.HK) target falls by 38 HK dollar 24 HK dollar
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Line of K of conch cement day pursues (00914)

Hong Kong time 1254 (Dow Jones)- - recommend: Magendatong Anhui conch cement (0914.HK) target price falls by 38 HK dollar 24 HK dollar, before this this company 2008-09 year gain is forecasted reduced respectively 8% with 18% ; Point out, predicting conch cement will announce outstanding achievement of 8 disappointing years of the 3rd quarter, because landed market is fatigued and weak, cement price environment is adverse. Makings the gain of 8 years of the 3rd quarter of this company will relatively 8 years the 2nd quarter drops 20% , to the RMB 690 million yuan; Predicting conch cement will announce outstanding achievement on October 21. Keep this neuter grade. Complement says, share price activator includes: Cement price prep above anticipates, the cement plant of low level inside countrywide limits is shut as soon as possible. Conch cement is newest next defeat 4.8% , to 23.8 HK dollar.

Origin: Dow Jones

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