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Building materials industry is faced with austere yield can superfluous situation. Suffer the past two years macroscopical economy boom and fall into disuse backward produce can influence, building materials industry is produced can grow to exceed the market to anticipate considerably. And macroscopical economy boom glides, the influence with estate undone bubble, make slow down in demand faster. Building materials industry is faced with austere yield can superfluous situation, vitreous industry already was entered in the beginning of the year drop periodic, be opposite according to us the analysis of index of cement industry start off before the others, cement industry also can have affirmed entered drop periodic.

Development of building materials industry enters new historical level. We think, although building materials industry is faced with the situation is grimmer, but " the most competitive firm often is born at contest to contend for the most intense domain " , have region market to control force and the cement company that expand latent capacity, will obtain good development good luck. According to special national condition of China and times characteristic, our redefine the 3 level that cement industry develops, development of Chinese cement business is entering new historical level. In the meantime, we do not value what devoid area dominates the cement trade of power base to buy integrated deed, this strategy is facing huge risk.

Investment is politic. In the industry overall produce can superfluous circumstance to fall, we keep the investment grade of neutral of building materials industry, but value area to control force to be mixed by force the company that has growing latent capacity, the active finance policy that suggests attention may come on stage is right the influence of building materials stock.

Key company chooses. In cement key company, with white horse of 3 urine mud celebrated day hill share, pine is built change and horse race is industrial and the tower card group that just appears on the market, the preeminent company delegate that is level of force of region market control; 3 cement white horse trend become divided, value the development perspective of conch cement, Huaxin cement for a long time still, discretion values Ji Dong cement. In vitreous industry, although face a lot of and adverse factor, but south prospect of Bo A development is good, profit potential is outstanding, maintain recommend strongly - the investment grade of A.

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