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Jiangxi cement outstanding achievement falls beforehand outlook of 2009 cement i
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One leaf falls and know autumn. Jiangxi cement releases outstanding achievement to amend yesterday premonitory, profit of net profit of the 3rd quarter will drop compared to the same period 50% the left and right sides. This adumbrative floor slab with integral growth driving first half of the year performance piece turn of likelihood general occurrence outstanding achievement. Mostly industry analyst also predicts to what this made pessimism.

From the point of financial data, cement industry appears on the market first half of the year this year company performance is superior. Below the situation that in many industries occurrence deficit, outstanding achievement glides, floor slab piece continueing as before expression of good 2007 outstanding achievement, most in more than 20 companies company continues to maintaining fast growth, like share of hill of Jiangxi cement, day, horse race gold of industrial, Sichuan supports wait for much home company the amplitude first half of the year is in this year 100% above.

From the outstanding achievement of 3 quarterly reportses that the near future shows premonitory case looks, the growth posture of cement industry still is in it seems that continuously. A surname will link hill announcement on October 10, the net gain of before predicting company 9 months will grow 400% above compared to the same period; Profit of net of parent company of vest in of before day hill share also predicts 3 quarters will grow 140 % compared to the same period - 150 % , among them the net gain that the 3rd quarter attributes a parent company will grow 110 % compared to the same period - 130 % . In addition, *before ST double horse predicts 3 quarters grow 160% , pine builds growth of before changing He Huaxin cement to all predict 3 quarters to grow 50% , before tower card group predicts 3 quarters grow 60% .

Be in whole below the circumstance of great economic environment depression, floor slab piece appear on the market company why can pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others?

To this, guo Taijun installs analyst Han Jicheng to state this is main is the result of different generation of area cement market. Han Jicheng is analysed, because coal price violent wind rises, 6-8 month is in what gross profit of 31 the cement in visitting an area lead annulus comparing to drop to 18 visit an area this year. But 13 province such as southwest, northwest and Shandong because western big development and fall into disuse backward produce can wait for an element, the wool interest rate that cement produces is in ascendant condition. The province gross profit that and gross profit is led drops holds the province that rises than be being led under gross profit mediumly in whole industry gross profit, bring about whole industry profit to rise thereby. But he thinks, it is brief that afore-mentioned elements lead the influence that increase to these province cement gross profit. If constrictive policy has no materiality change, cement price and wool interest rate all still had 2009 drop risk.
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