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Conch cement: Continuously stock of average person of the same trade
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Suffer effect of macroscopical adjusting control, the extruding that upriver coal price rises in price, and the depression of real-estate industry, of cement industry add fast putting delay.

"Enter a winter ahead of schedule " -- cement industry has sent a such signal.

Break out of an encirclement of conch cement crewel

"We adopt two tactics to stress the strategy. " conch cement (600585.SH) the king manager of region market tells a reporter what he weighs on the west " two tactics catchs " it is to point to: Come to an agreement of the joint when  bottom " come to an agreement of the joint when apprentice quail Mi: Su of B Tu  still does old free time add up to  of  of Sou  curtain when deceive  bottom in order to censure does Yue Chuanghuan of separate of patch up of  of Zheng of Xing of fall from the sky of sheng of quail Mi Shi Jiuxuan Ge wash Ling of ÷ of humorous of commission  be jealous of to set out is  discharge kind small?

King manager introduces, before the company some year basically face Huadong and market of Hua Na region, execute " T " model the strategy, the clinker base of the company is built in the area with resourceful limestone of catchment of the Yangtse River, Pearl River more, with the advantage of climate favourable geographical position, the wadi low cost that relies on advantage is carried, and the sale of cement most nearby that treatment gives.

Upriver coal cost rises this year, and demand puts delay, bring about cement profit to drop. Jiangsu is saved cement demand is less than 50 million tons first half of the year this year, average gain only 2 yuan / ton, but conch cement still is as high as 16 yuan in the sale gain of this province / ton.

Dong Bizhang Ming Jing also expresses conch cement, better first half of the year outstanding achievement results from the dimensions of the company is managed, produce quantity of can outspread, produce and sale to increase with improvement of supply demand relations and integrated sale price relatively on year the corresponding period rises, facilitated outstanding achievement grows. And second half of the year, cement industry structural adjustment will be accelerated further, as cement new standard came on stage on June 1, 2008, backward cement produces the strength that can fall into disuse to increase. Company farther dilate, already aimed at Zhejiang first.

On 2 class market, conch cement copies bottom person of the same trade ceaselessly. The newspaper in 2008 shows Ji Dong cement, conch cement is held 35.82 million, rank the 3rd large stockholder. Arrive at the beginning of August, the stock of cement of Ji Dong of conch cement hold already added sixty-one million two hundred and thirty-five thousand, hold a scale to already was amounted to 5% .
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