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Lucky silver: Value Chinese cement line of business
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Invest to Sichuan cement whether the problem of overheat, negotiable securities also is in the lucky silver that represents as financial capital the investment of not long ago expressed different view on forum.

Apparent, lucky silver-colored negotiable securities does not agree with surplus problem. Lucky silver-colored negotiable securities invests bank department to carry out trustee Zhang Fen to think, any industries, want to be put in good investment chance to be able to attract numerous capital to come in great numbers necessarily only. From the point of heat of Sichuan cement investment, sichuan gets the favour of tycoon of numerous cement industry, because,be over there the investment opportunity with very good existence. As to surplus problem, actually any industries can appear, because fear,cannot not come superfluous and forgo subsistent now investment opportunity.

This one view and lucky silver value the research report come down in one continuous line of cement industry. In the research report August, lucky silver is in what be faced with inside accident period to go up from demand of our country cement archives and risk leaving shelf, pass an analysis and the consumption of cement of average per capita of comparative China, Korea, Japan, United States and gross, think: Cement consumption of China is put in ascendant space, and in economic progress lopsided circumstance falls, china the growth western will be rapid at the eastpart part.

In light of the near future, as a result of estate development drops in temperature, lucky silver predicts, cement consumption adds fast existence to put the likelihood of delay further, add fast will from 2007 12.5% fall 7.6% what come to anticipated 2008, come at falling further 2009 subsequently 6.7% . But, lucky silver thinks at the same time, landed, infrastructure and demand of cement of rural development domain increase the uncertainty of existence to analyse, the fall of cement industry the risk is limited.

In the report that will issue on September 22, lucky silver is opposite again the development foreground of near future of Chinese cement industry did an analysis. Lucky silver thinks, with respect to Chinese cement line of business character, although short-term Neihuadong and price of Hua Na cement still are put in greater pressure, but from the point of long-term prospect, still confident. Lucky silver expresses, cement market is in second half of the year may regain powerful development momentum 2009, especially China the near future demand that counteracts southwest supports next possibilities in what large-scale infrastructure invests still driving.

Origin: Negotiable securities times

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