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Figure record:
Qin Xiaomei, 1968 stranger, the university graduated 1989, what learn major: Politics. Work in the government sector all the time. The end of the year resigned 1994 go into business, established oneself company 1997, basically be a few transnational corporation such as batteries of have trade relations of cropland of eaves ministry chemical industry, abundant, Japan, ohmic dragon to serve, supply all sorts of advisory services, representative to them their product, also be a few in China manufacturing company supplies the goods and materials such as coal.

Overcame captive into duty Beijing in June 2007 on the west, take up the post of market department inspector general.

Preferment director vise general manager held market department inspector general part-time in June 2008.

Interview Qin Xiaomei very not easy. As Beijing (China) gram captive on the west the director vise general manager of company of cement grinding aid holds sale chief inspector concurrently, what her working schedule always arranges is very full, want her to take out special time to accept interviewing is a kind of extravagant hopes simply. The reporter is forced follow her busy form, of make use of every bit of time or space raise a question. Humanness of plum of dawn of the Qin Dynasty is very fortunately amiable, disposition is very enthusiastic very candid also, have ask to answer surely, know word of all without exception. Be in then desultory in, the reporter finished this interview. Although be of a shallow only to Qin Xiaomei,depict, also Ji Wang's reader is peeped from which one spot, to Mei Jiren of dawn of the Qin Dynasty its thing, to overcoming captive the company reachs product of its cement grinding aid to understand somewhat on the west, if can gain advantage of a few Pi from which, criterion the reporter Is hope.

The interview content to Qin Xiaomei is below.

Reporter: 2007 5, June, I once had seen a card on cement forum, does the title cry " does Jing hear Beijing to overcome captive is chief inspector of market of cement grinding aid Zhang Zaihong or Qin Xiaomei on the west? " , the feeling has visual wallop very much. From look with the circumstance of post, you do two people appear in the industry very influential?

Qin Xiaomei: I heard of this card, did not go looking. Whether must go up quite " Jing is heard " 2 words are worse to say. Nevertheless grinding aid is a branch in cement industry only, circle is not very big, and Beijing gram captive is the person above average inside on the west, they choose to sell chief inspector, be in circle should be influential force. As to I and Mr Zhang Zaihong between, do not have direct competition. Nevertheless hunt head firm follows us to had been contacted respectively at that time. I just know later, beijing overcomes captive on the west board of directors really with respect to us two person selected had undertaken discussion.
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