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Zhang Ren is in for chairman peak of cement of extensive bead triangle is met th
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Each guest, comrades:

In this fall season, the happy get-together of cement group colleague that comes from extensive bead area is in beautiful city Kunming, hold peak of cement of the 2nd extensive bead ceremoniously to meet. Federation of building materials of my representing China and Chinese cement association congratulate what the peak meets ardently to hold! Pay cordially greeting to new old friend!

The inland in area of extensive bead cement saves urban Gross National Product 9 times to take the throughout the country 33% , area of Pearl River delta is China and even Asia-Pacific area one of economic area of the richest vigor. "15 " since, the development of outback cement industry in extensive bead area is swift and violent, cement invests construction eagerly, wide extensive of cement consumption market. Cement is the mainest product in building materials industry, the abidance of cement industry develops to matter to building materials industry directly quickly the action in national economy and position.

Last year, 32.5% what the outback cement crop of extensive bead area holds countrywide total output, increase 7.6 percent of whole nation of fast prep above; Cement company measure takes the throughout the country 40% , cement investment takes the throughout the country 41% . Big company entered large quantities of one global cement in succession market of extensive bead region, the big company such as red lion of the material in building materials of cement of Lafaji, Taiwan, Asia cement, China embellish cement, China, China, Zhejiang is in Anhui conch, France this area has much investment. The product line of new-style cement working a way that extensive bead area was building 2008 has 99, clinker will be formed to produce after building entirely can amount to 100 million tons of above. But we also want to see, the scale of new-style cement working a way returns the province of above of the half the number inside area inferior, the job that eliminates backward cement is very formidable still, market demand is very lopsided, industry conformity just begins. Accordingly, use peak of extensive bead cement to meet this platform begins communication and collaboration for the enterprise inside area, very be necessary, this develops the science to industry of cement of whole nation of the down to inside area generation far-reaching influence.

the development of industry of cement of extensive bead area I talk only the opinion mixed at 3 o'clock proposal:

One, capture the masterstroke that accelerates cement industry structural adjustment from beginning to end, build harmonious cement region market through competition and collaboration.

In last few years new-style cement working a way had the throughout the country greater progress, but whole extensive bead new-style cement working a way produces section can scale or under countrywide average level. Cement company is average scope is little, gain ability is weak, on many province year cement sale gross profit is led under countrywide average level. Accordingly, be in the place with extensive bead conditional area to develop new-style cement working a way to remain a task of top priority energetically. Only new-style cement working a way developed, ability is accelerated wash out backward cement.
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