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Chen Zongming: Go to 6 from 8000 yuan 100 million
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1963, chen Zongming of 24 years old retires from army from army return peaceful country, police station assistant director is held the position of in peaceful mound area.

Advocate in that the days that level struggles, chen Zongming's ideology stands to go alone especially a bit however. Chen Zongming is in resign after the position of the police inspector, arrange via the leader early or late but had held the post of president of hospital dean, middle school to wait for a post. But Chen Zongming appears not acknowledge the superiority or seniority of, his reason is very simple, not be ideal place.

1965, chen Zongming just 27 years old. Bosom is worn " industry allows a country " old ideal, chen Zongming began poineering career in a of stone mouth commune small oil mill.

With shiver tongue, chen Zongming to 10 production teams east move on the west collect borrowed 8000 money, the brushstroke that became him does poineering work capital. Recumbent this borrowed 8000 money, the first thing goes Chen Zongming namely bought a rice mill to do grain oil to machine. Come down one year small behead is obtained, besides still drop with production team borrowed 8000 money, paid beyond the worker's salary, return net 1700 yuan. such, the first pace that Chen Zongming does poineering work is stridden.

Try to palm off sth. inferior to what it purports to be

In fact, although had beening engaged in production managing, but in very long period of time, small plant of Chen Zongming is all the time " black door " .

1967, the screw on a batch of cars was made in the factory, the hair of the introduction that carries business of a state-operated arrived Changchun automobile factory. After goods sends the past, the other side however disapprobation gives money, saying is black factory, without business charter. Chen Zongming did not work, go finding peaceful at that time country a right to him leader seeks the county settle way, those who hope to lead him " black factory " give a name.

Agriculture is at that time big, not support agriculture is reactionary. Can produce fittings of agriculture machinery, tractor only, if make other product,be capitalist. Below the help of this leader, small plant had a be perfectly justifiable at long last but however the name nots agree with real name -- agriculture machinery overhaul stand.

Accordingly, in very long period of time, chen Zongming is actually in the try to palm off sth. inferior to what it purports to be. Although agriculture machinery overhaul stand is on name, actually, at that time in overhaul stand of this so called agriculture machinery, those who belong to agriculture machinery product is exclusive it is tractor fittings, other is wear-resisting material.
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