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Zhang Kun seeks: Make trade of an unexpected winner hot
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I always prefer the business that has done others, others had been being done, not was necessary to be finished certainly by me.

I feel I am luckier all the time. The chance of the person that can come up against take off the economy all one's life is already good, but the opportunity was come up against twice in my lifetime. It is 70 time in Taiwan, it is 90 time are in the mainland.

I had taken half world, half China. I am a Chinese, half a lifetime is in before Taiwan, half a lifetime should contribute the mainland after

-- Zhang Kun is sought

Figure thin and small, spirit is hale and hearty, simpatico. Holding the mandarin that contains the oral speech sound austral Fujian readily, but what this a bit does not affect him is conversable. Mention the knowledge such as the historical geography economy of the mainland, he speaks with fervor and assurance, happy situation is in overtones. The president Zhang Kun that this is limited company of industry of benefit abundant wear-resisting seeks the first impression that leaves to the person.

In wear-resisting material domain, zhang Kun is sought having a lot of " the first " . 1998, he sold the mainland the first times the wear-resisting board of Taiwan, he repaired the first roll of domestic that raw material grinds successfully, he also promotes compound roll new product the first times to international market.

January 2008, forum of height of industry of Chinese wear-resisting data is held in Chengdu. Session, we are special interviewed this with " rare animal " the Taiwanese of pose as, the romance that also favour understood Zhang Kun to seek starts already one by one.

Taiwan comes " v king "

Zhang Kun is sought grow in Taiwan place an average household. As a local born and bred Taiwanese, he ever also experienced what Taiwan economy grows to remove rise and fall to fall, had had a paragraph memory that is worth engrave, with his own word appearance, "Read elementary school of 6 years of countrymans, did not cross a pair of shoe " .

Like the person do poineering work that lots and lots of building up from nothing, rely on oneself to make the world, walk along this among them hardships nature all the way self-evident. And to all these, zhang Kun is sought however end is two simple words, lucky. In his eye, his " lucky " two opportunities that come up against in lifetime namely. It is 70 time in Taiwan, the Zhang Kun of experience business circles sought one start off to capture Taiwan economy high speed to increase brings opportunity closely first; It is 90 time are in the mainland another, he industry of this an unexpected winner is in a stiff dough v Taiwan is done " fire " hind, this " fire " lighted motherland mainland all the way from Taiwan, did the 2nd. Even if is to be in first China wear-resisting data industry " golden ball award " selection result is announced, limited company of industry of wear-resisting of abundant of benefit of elder brother hill promulgated " optimal person is angry " when large award, on prize-giving stage, zhang Kun seeks also is to express so: Very accident, very lucky also.
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