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Slimy Wei Dong: The station is on two giant shoulder...
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Current, situation of development of industry of equipment of cement environmental protection is favorable.
Concerned data shows, the focal point that government of prospective our country will be thrown in capital and pair of environmental protection properties increase on industrial policy gives aid to. In light of the development rule of industry of integrated environmental protection and national policy circumstance, industry of Chinese environmental protection is in future 15, will maintain high speed 20 years to develop, hopeful achieves year of compound increase rate of industry total production value 15% , 20% .
As we have learned, reduce a goal to achieve main contaminant, "915 " during the environmental protection investment of our country will increase 1.4 trillion yuan, grow 100% compared to the same period, 1.5% what occupy GDP of the corresponding period, among them investment of urban environment infrastructure makes an appointment with 660 billion yuan, include urban sewage disposal 300 billion yuan, power plant to decoke 300 billion yuan, rubbish handles installation 60 billion yuan wait.
However, before tremendous market opportunity, the equipment of cement environmental protection that we also saw home is at present numerous produces a business, great majority is small and medium sized business, this also causes industry of equipment of environmental protection of our country whole cement to lack integral competition ability. In recent years, in building materials (Beijing) environmental protection project expands limited company (environmental protection of the building materials in the following abbreviation) in a new force suddenly rises in the industry, development impetus forces the industry gets bellwether business continuously, what kind of management tricks of the trade do this have among them? For this, reporter of network of cement market conditions is exclusive special interview in mud defends general manager of building materials environmental protection east gentleman.

Start develops higher faster

When the problem that speaks of management hang, wei Dongxiao wears mud to say to the reporter: "Also do not talk to go up what runs tricks of the trade, it is we have a principle only. Above all, we pursue a total principle, that is a client it is sacred forever. That is a client it is sacred forever..
Slimy Wei Dong thinks, the place that differs with enterprise of other environmental protection is, building materials environmental protection is met in the particular case according to the client, the configuration that is like equipment of craft of whole environmental protection, product line, environmental protection, offer the product that suits to it for the client, and how conference proposal client is configured, how more managing the sources of energy and how to achieve a country to ask to wait a moment.
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