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Wang Zhijiang: Do not take a train the boss of sleeper
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From once " king establishing kiln " to nowadays " pink grinds king " , the life that Wang Zhijiang experiences was full of legend colour. Although be in cement industry, the person that knows Wang Zhijiang is absent a few, but the do poineering work route that has taken to him, very few however somebody can understand completely.

Sit hard it is a kind of habit

1988, wang Zhijiang of 22 years old graduates from university of engineering college of Jiangsu salt city, because be in the school,those who learn is cement machinery major, he was allocated Nanjing cement machinery plant works. Just be on the Wang Zhijiang of working station, having very strong initiative to the job, always be the first reachs the office everyday, the last leave. Whatever thing, always grab move doing, never consider the individual's success and failure. Just about such with the persistence to the career, wang Zhijiang shows itself very quickly, director of plant technology center is taken up the post of after 2 years, become the youngest middle-level cadre on this factory history.

Take exercise a few when be in a factory years, the ability that lets Wang Zhijiang got rapid promotion. 1992, our country is arisen the climax of round of construction, countrywide cement market demands exceeds supply, cement establishs kiln to also need the crucial period of development urgently at. Courageous and resolute, emulative Wang Zhijiang seizes opportunity, resolutely chose go into business to do poineering work. It is for the word that uses him Wang Zhijiang " should be entered as the youth namely, Bo Yibo. It is for the word that uses him Wang Zhijiang " should be entered as the youth namely, Bo Yibo..

Be in however at that time, regard state-operated as the cadre of the enterprise, the person that selects go into business below coequal circumstance is very few still, want to abandon still be in the state-operated enterprise of dominant position at that time after all, oneself go entering, hard to avoid can have a risk. A lot of people's strong to king annals at that time choice does not understand, but he still is certain " life is god-given a few rich " , walked out of Nanjing cement machinery plant finally.

Oneself do poineering work easier said than done. Only by one antrum warm blood it is insufficient of course, the skill that Wang Zhijiang took out him to do crusher to get transfers cost 15000 yuan, as the capital that start, hire a simple and easy bungalow uses a room as office, began the first step that does poineering work difficultly.

At that time, cement of my state-maintaineding kiln occupies the 90 % of cement gross, place of cement establishing kiln is shown generally those who come is crop low, quality is poor. Wang Zhijiang is well-advised get on company fixed position in the technical reformation that establishs kiln, founded Nanjing establishs institute of kiln cement technology. the heart component that establishs kiln -- the structure of discharge fine-toothed comb transforms the research direction that serves as his, on the foundation with ventilated level of original tower type, rolled out combination early or late ventilated model, big ungual flute profile, can change set model, can change tine ball awl combination, till hyperboloid, section coal falls bad news center is ventilated tower comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb, won 8 countries patent early or late, substantially rose to establish kiln crop and quality. Arrive when 1995, the Nanjing that Wang Zhijiang establishs establishs institute of kiln cement technology to sell fine-toothed comb of tower establishing kiln every year many 500, sale is close 20 million yuan, wang Zhijiang also was obtained inside cement industry " king of tower fine-toothed comb " title.
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