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Xie Cailong: Arrive from colliery driving worker general manager
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Xie Cailong, general manager of branch of cement of company of group of Sichuan wide flourishing, he is judged to be the achievement of countrywide model worker, a lot of people are likely somewhat hear of, but true can static coming down to listen to him to experience this paragraph of life tirelessly path to come is minority after all. A day of August, dot choosing was in the ground that we cover this his office.
To salute our advent, xie Cailong made the paper before the desk with the book painstakingly a few arrange, but we see, on the desk, the data that putting on the bookshelf and book are very much still.
Postmeridian summer, let a person causing a few cent tiredness not self-consciously. Just walk into the office, we are surrounded enthusiasticly by a kind for an instant. The Xie Cailong before, wearing a pair of glasses, august face is bringing a smile, it seems that spirit enlivens.
Xie Cailong tells us, just open the meeting of company of a group in the morning, hear of our arrival, hurrieded back hurriedly the office. He introduces the background that had a company to us, cement is one of 5 big industries of wide flourishing group only, and in recent years, company of group of plain coal wide flourishing is based on resource conformity, market conformity, brand conformity, management conformity, carry out specialization management, make choice, do big, make strong cement industry, fell by the banner 2004 1996, 1998, the treasure that built in succession 2003 annulus company of concrete of He Anwang commodity establishs plant of cement plant, weather station cement and become cement company. Xie Cailong expresses, he also is the cement life that just began him 1996.
Accident is to pursueing cement trade previously, xie Cailong is to stride wide flourishing Bureau of Mines first colliery of treasure annulus courtyard became worker of driving of a colliery.

Study makes a kind of fun

In those days, 1982, xie Cailong works to wide flourishing group, have culture of junior high school only.
Await in those days, xie Cailong's achievement is better still, because take an exam to was not developed good, then he prepares answer read. At that time, father is coal worker, the mother is rural person, the mother is taking two people of their brother to be in a country. Be in a country need to earn workpoint, because the labour force in the home is insufficient, workpoint is insufficient, because this often needs to take father's money to come back,fill workpoint, it is to belong to at that time overspend door. In the meantime, the house also was built in the home, because this economy also compares difficulty. That moment reads, a week has one a basket carried on the back red Chinese trumpet creeper mixes a jin rice, every him meal makes rice evaporate meal, with respect to little of red Chinese trumpet creeper of one handleless cup rice, arrived the 3rd class is hungry, a week goes back to just can eat the meat, it is pretty good that nevertheless he thinks to also be returned actually so. Wanting to go however answer when reading, the colliery is executed retire greatly, then Xie Cailong fails to continue answer read, and went finally taking sb's place father's class, had driving worker to colliery doing.
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