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Tang Deshun: Machine of anticipate of boast of heart of a large number of heroes
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The monsoon 2007 appears swift and violent all the more.
To cement industry, frequent rainwater is not what favour. The air temperature of constant change, humid air gave cement production to bring particular issue. In this moment, be stoving equipment develops it real effectiveness when.
This Ling Tangde arranges hearten unceasingly, as Henan heart boast machinery makes the general manager of limited company, regarding as is equipment of research and development of domestic exclusive major, professional production drying specialization of the company steer a boat person, regard the product of dryer of ZDLH automation vertical as patent person, he appears to realize, a god-given market popularizes good luck to be placed before.


Mention Tang Deshun, a lot of people do not understand him; But mention dryer of vertical of Tang Deshun's ZDLH automation, the person that pursues cement trade has hear of early.
As we have learned, at present dryer equipment of home basically has dryer of vertical of circumgyrate type dryer, old vertical dryer and ZDLH automation to wait. Although circumgyrate is type dryer, at present old the market share of vertical dryer is larger, but in long-term use course, the defect of this kind of product and inadequacy were exposed stage by stage come out.
Well-known, adaptability of circumgyrate type dryer is strong, however this kind of dryer often invests big, coal consumption power consumption is tall, tall, cover an area of an area quality of big, drying is uncontrollable; And although old vertical dryer covers an area of an area small, investment is little, but coal consumption, power consumption is exorbitant, heat energy utilization rate is only 50% the left and right sides, ton report of drier bad news is as high as 4kWh left and right sides. Adaptability of old vertical dryer is poorer at the same time, often produce calorie of material, makings; Ask with coal to heat addition more severe, stoving quality is uncontrollable, go against the efficient and energy-saving production of cement.
And the weakness that dryer of vertical of Tang Deshun's ZDLH automation resolved these two kinds of equipment and inadequacy, hold concurrently again had both advantage. Tang Deshun tells a reporter, dryer of vertical of the ZDLH of identical crop automation and circumgyrate type dryer are compared, every tons of drier but section report 5-10KW, everyday but section report makes an appointment with 3000KW/h; At the same time utilization rate of heat energy of dryer of vertical of this kind of ZDLH automation is as high as 90% , this equipment and other dryer compare same yield, every tons of drier but managing mark coal 15 - 20kg, everyday but section coal is controlled 7 tons.
"Good brand cannot be blow " . Current, dryer of ZDLH automation vertical has been in the province such as Henan, Heibei, Xinjiang, Shandong, Shanxi, Jiangsu popularizes application, the product is energy-saving the effect is very distinct, a portion full and accurate, objective patent technology user reports, also just showed this.
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