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Wall street daily: What the world experiences Chinese economy to put delay is pa
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The economy that China expands flourishingly is in with fast the rate that expects at most person place is cooling, when the developed country confronts financial crisis, conduce to the person that holds global economy to grow smoothly to those hope China demand for, this not less than at pawn one club.

Week of bureau of Chinese country statistic announces, chinese economy the 3rd quarter relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 9 % , add fast the 10.1 % under the 2nd quarter and the 10.6 % first quarter. China is 9.9 % up to the average economy increase rate of the 3rd quarter this year, the impetus that puts delay in view of economic growth still is in continuously, a lot of economist predict at present, the economic increase rate of Chinese next year will fall further to 8 % , this will be China the lowermost level since Asian banking crisis erupts.

From the building of mechanical manufacturer of Germany, Japan equipment produces business, to the raw material supplier of global each district, those from Chinese economy the enterprise of the benefit in rapid growth had felt keenly felt pain.

Because from the benefit in Chinese rapid growth basically is the company that concerns with building and investment cycle, of market of at present estate low confused these pair of industries to cause severe loss. Glide as what the building sells and development business is cut down in succession build a project, the building goes weak with the demand of rolled steel, cement and copper.

Of China put delay to forcing Asian neighbour to undertake adjustment. Japanese large chemical industry tastes manufacturer Tosoh Corp. Already polyvinyl chloride (namely PVC, a kind of plastic housing materials) crop reduced 15 % from September. This is this company takes this kind of step 10 years first, the demand that is China so formerly glides considerably. SK Energy Co of Korea petrifaction enterprise. Spokesman Kim Woo-kyung says, although Chinese government expresses to will try hard to promote economic growth, but still need effective demand for some time to just can grow. This year 1 ~ August, this company changes a product to exported a quantity to reduce 35 % to Hua Shi. She says, SK Energy Co. Counting on what Chinese market can accomplish is demand won't glide further.

The State Council 19 days of evening make a statement say, want to adopt agile and cautious macroscopical economic policy, publish the policy measure such as the money duty that has specific aim, credit, foreign trade as soon as possible, continue to maintain economy to grow more quickly smoothly.

Besides lower interest further and reduce tax to exporter besides, analytic personage predicting government still is met the impetus that regards growth as infrastructure and room city -- with Chinese government was the pound and takes step that avoids Asian banking crisis 1998 similar.

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