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Brazil changes agricultural flotsam personally " green " cement
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According to Mexican media coverage, orgnaization of Brazilian scientific research is successful a few days ago research and development a new technology, can use the agricultural flotsam such as bagasse and rice husk to produce cheap of environmental protection, price for raw material " green " cement.

Study foundation introduction according to aiding financially the city of Brazilian Riode Janeiro of project of this scientific research, use the agricultural litter such as bagasse and rice husk to produce " green " the environmental pollution that when cement is helpful for reducing traditional raw material to produce concrete not only, causes, still can realize trash to be used circularly, add agricultural product additional cost, economic cement produces cost.

Contriver of building materials of new-style environmental protection, Brazil is national the university teachs Fulumingneisi Mei Shajiasi Kedailuo says Jilieer, can calls cement manufacturing industry one of estates with most severe pollution, the 5 % that secondly oxidation carbon discharge capacity occupies human carbon dioxide to discharge gross comes 7 % . The cement raw material of new development is the hangover after bagasse classics burns, highest in cement can occupy 20 % , can reduce greenhouse gas discharge capacity considerably.

Kedailuo says, because the process of treatment bagasse is opposite simple and easy, quick, energy consumption is low, this kind " green " the manufacturing cost of cement has traditional cement only very one of, its service life is longer than traditional cement, quality of a material is closer also.

Brazil teems with sugar cane, its sugar cane produces per year quantity and export volume to all occupy world first place. Brazil has sugar cane farmland to make an appointment with 6.5 million hectare, crop of its sugar cane was amounted to 2007 5. More than tons 500 million. Brazil is current cement year all crop is 45 million tons. If press bagasse hangover to be 15 % computation in the scale in cement mixture, brazil can decrease every year discharge about 3 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Origin: Xinhua net

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