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Stablize Russia of sudden huge profits to continue cement imports 0 custom duty
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According to Russia " businessmen signs up for " , the expert of the government sector such as department of department of Russian economy progress, trade of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of finance, industry thinks consistently, from the cement that began to carry out in January 2008 policy of 0 custom duty stablized price of Russian churchyard cement apparently rise, proposal general by a definite date of 9 months hold date of departure continues to lengthen. Essayist thinks, the possibility that this suggests to obtain a government to support is 90% .

2007 skyrocket of Russian churchyard cement 70% , average price achieves 4500 ruble / ton. Executive entrance cement after policy of 0 custom duty, make into saliva mud dosage grows 13.4% first half of the year, average price fall reachs cement 3500 ruble / ton, turkey is 2500 ruble into the C.I.F of saliva mud / ton. The fall as a result of demand and the low price that import cement, bigger to concussion of company of production of Russian churchyard cement, russia is the biggest first half of the year this year cement manufacturer " European cement " output falls 33% .

Be aimed at above circumstance, russian major personage thinks, although cement price is in 3500 ruble / ton, its profit margin also is 100% , its still have depreciate space, the antitrust that occupy Russia office data, the average gain of company of Russian cement production is in 40-80% .

Origin: Website of Department of Commerce

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