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The 3rd quarter of Mexican cement company gain glides compared to the same perio
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The company of Mexican country cement that holds the balance in domain of world building materials (Cemex) money of 16 days of released the 3rd quarter show in the newspaper, this company glides compared to the same period when season gain 74% . Analytic personage thinks, this basically is the effect that suffers the market demand acute such as the United States to decrease.

Profit of company of cement of country of Mexico of the 3rd quarter from last year the 780 million dollar of the corresponding period glides to only 200 million dollars, sale glides in United States of market of the biggest export 28% , glide in Spain 26% , decrease in England 19% .

The company is in charge of plan and financial tall canal expressing, situation of international money market is queasy, make the company operates risk change to be born in the business of a lot of countries. In addition, bought Australia last year an enterprise borrows money in a large-scale, increase the investment that collect city disastrous, debt of the 3rd quarter already amounted to company of Mexican country cement 16.4 billion dollar, still lend state can concern.

Mexican stock market steeps fall last week, this country the stock of group of a few big main companies considerably shrink, company of Mexican country cement is one of large companies with the most severe loss.

Origin: Xinhua News Agency

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