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Group of company of Indian Grasim cement looks round communication to conch
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In October 13-14 day, general manager of company of group of Indian Grasim cement holds · of L of · of K of · of S of presiding sale official Mr Maheshwari, joint-stock executive general manager Mr Rajiasekar and technical ministry concurrently group of · of S of · of R of vise general manager Mr Dwivedi 3 people, in Japan staff of plain Qi company accompanies blueness of plain Qi company and expensive gentleman and conch fell to visit cupreous hill conch and plant of Ning Guoshui mud early or late, personnel of two companies relevant leader, technology welcomed Indian guest group enthusiasticly.

As we have learned, 13 days, indian guest arrives at cupreous hill conch, visited the cupreous hill conch is the biggest cement pure low temperature on bound of preexistence of 2 period eye early or late more than heat generates electricity generation set, room of the more than hot generation set, control central mixes 16300kW/h of 30500kW/h aircrew, first phase more than heat generates electricity turbine room, run fundamental condition with respect to company production, product line of 10 thousand tons of cement manufactures technology, more than heat generates electricity systematic yield can moving index of dimensions, technology and the situation that produce the field such as the organization undertook communicating widely.

Origin: Conch group

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