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A couplet chief of a tribe is sought the opportunity invests in Afghan cement in
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According to " Afghan times " in October 14 reports, a delegation of government of A couplet chief of a tribe that forms by 16 officials will have a visit to Afghan capital Kabul on October 12, one of visit purposes are to seek be produced in A road and building construction, cement and irrigate the investment opportunity that waits for a domain. This delegacy expresses, they will reach 4 billion dollar in the investment of these domains.

A couplet chief of a tribe plans to cost about 200 million dollar to build a new mark sex to build inside Kabul city, in addition, still build cement plant in Kabul, Kandaha and Helate, dam is built on Kekecha and library accept river. Since in the past, a couplet chief of a tribe already invested 300 million dollar in Afghan telecommunication domain.

Origin: National Department of Commerce

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