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Xinjiang 3 treasure company bear build Kazakstan " division gram abandons cement
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"Division gram abandons cement plant " repose in Kazakstan city Ye fastens Sitanakemolin Keshenlejieersike after the area, the design produces per year a quantity to be 2 million tons. Project hair bag just is ha " division gram abandons cement plant finite liability company " , contract to just be Xinjiang 3 treasure are industrial group limited company.

Both sides will sign a project to contract on June 6 this year contract. Foundation of responsible concrete of 3 treasure company is pouring, project gross is 100 thousand stere probably, total cost is 22.88 million dollar, project deadline is came on July 1, 2008 on September 30, 2009.

Current, hair bag just is installed with respect to cement plant equipment, debug, amount to produce, steel structure is made wait for follow-up project to also be in with Xinjiang industrial group limited company undertakes 3 treasure negotiate, the near future will sign follow-up mark formally paragraph contract, contract amount 4000 much dollars.

Division gram abandons cement plant is priority discipline of country of Kazakstan Si Tan, produce per year 2 million tons of high grade cement, it is current in inferior the cement plant with productivity and technical top level. This cement plant plans the put into production before May 30, 2010, will alleviate effectively after put into production Kazakstan Si Tan is current the current situation that cement is in short supply.

Origin: Be stationed in Kazakstan diplomatic mission to be in business ginseng place

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