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International concrete machinery exhibits the 35th Las Vegas will hold in Febura
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On October 9, reporter of network of cement market conditions connects meeting international to exhibit limited company to learn from Beijing cornfield, the 35th Las Vegas that by American Halley Wood exhibits a company to sponsor international concrete mechanical exhibition will pull Siweijiasi at will be in in Feburary next year the conference.

Beijing cornfield connects meeting international to exhibit jade of limited company Zhang Mi to introduce, "Concrete machinery exhibits Las Vegas " it is the oldest concrete machine on international is exhibited, already became the grand meeting of communication of global concrete industry and commerce. This is exhibited can hold 1975, annual, already had held 34, ginseng exhibit business to have many 1600 company that comes from global each country, china had much home company to attend previous term or session to exhibit meeting, resonant and good. Current exhibition will come 6 days to exhibit a company to sponsor by American Halley Wood on Feburary 3, 2009, attend current exhibit the domestic company of the meeting to connect meeting international to exhibit limited company to organize ginseng going abroad to exhibit by Beijing cornfield.

As we have learned, the item on display on exhibition of international concrete machinery includes the 35th Las Vegas additive of industry of hardware of appliance of crane of prefab concrete component, concrete production machinery, building, building, building, pump, concrete, concrete, surface defends reach technical equipment.

Zhang Mi jade talks, although industry of machinery of our country concrete starts later, but development rate is very rapid, already can rival at the posture of concrete machinery industry of world advanced nation now. Demand of market of American construction machinery is capacious, it is the export point of growth with new industry of our country construction machinery. Exhibiting meeting general this is a of industry of machinery of concrete of join our country and market of American construction machinery very good chance.

Origin: Net of cement market conditions

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