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Cameroon cement plant will enlarge productivity in November
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" Cameroon forum signs up for " will report on October 8, france pulls law radical (the group scatters LAFARGE) to with a ha pull Lebuhasi of southern area president (Lebras) visited yesterday Cameroon premier, summit Yinuoni Aifulan, develop a case with respect to Cameroon cement plant, both sides had a talk. He points out Cameroon cement plant will enlarge its scale of production in November this year, on foundation of original scale of production, increase the productivity of 500 thousand tons of cement, achieve produce per year 1.5 million tons.

France helps the Cameroon cement plant with law radical group and Cameroon joint-stock government, outside be being supplied except the cement that assures Cameroon, still export to circumjacent country. Its the site of factory is in Duala, will stand at will increasing a new mix this year in November, enlarge cement productivity 500 thousand tons.

From long-term development consideration, plant of cement of Cameroon of hope of premier of noise made in coughing or vomiting is in Cameroon north expends Ge Le (Figuil) enlarges scale of production, because place produces limestone. Lebuhasi states they had undertaken exploration of mine of geological, land, be like feasible word, cement plant produces per year Feigele will achieve 1 million tons, current yield is 180 thousand tons only.

Origin: Website of national Department of Commerce

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