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Month of Zhou Ming of China International concrete will be in Beijing to begin i
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On October 14, reporter of network of cement market conditions promotes branch of industry of committee housing materials to learn from China International commerce, the China International concrete that waits for 7 association and branch combination to initiate by this branch and Chinese concrete and cement products association, will 2009 24 days are in Beijing to begin to 28 days.

It is reported, machinist of building materials of association of aerocrete of association of block of building of concrete of China of Zhou You of this international concrete and cement products association, China, China, China trade association, China is arenaceous fibre glass of federation of housing materials of branch of additive of concrete of federation of housing materials of stone association, China, China enhances cement commerce of branch, China International, federation of Chinese housing materials supports, roofing of body of wall of committee of technology of standardization of concrete of research center of technology of project of construction ministry concrete, whole nation, whole nation and road use housing materials to standardize products of cement of technical committee, whole nation to standardize committee assist do.

As we have learned, week general is this concrete orgnaization of business of production of domestic and international concrete, trafficker, scientific research builds a product to reveal, the integrated service platform that technical communication, collaboration consults. Additive of congress of concrete of technology of China International concrete and equipment exhibition, China International, concrete will be held during new technology and equipment seminar, " knowledge of GRC basic theory " groom wait for series trade and communication activity, it will reach goods project application to be core with technology of concrete raw material, production, equipment, cover catenary of complete concrete industry, collect exhibition, trade, technology communicates meeting, education to groom wait for all sorts of activities to be an organic whole.

Red army of week of branch of industry of housing materials of stimulative commission of China International trade introduces, all activities between concrete cycle are developed around the design of concrete, production, application closely, in order to serve at concrete relevant enterprise or business unit, personage is essential, it is home covered product of concrete raw material, concrete first times the omnibus activity of the chain of whole concrete industry that production, commodity concrete production, mechanical equipment, project uses technology, environmental protection to wait inside. Assembled industry of much home concrete is relevant the industry dominant position of orgnaization of association, scientific research, and the organization of orgnaization of professional trade hurried and network dominant position; In the meantime, still get by what come from concrete industry army the industry distinguished gathering that place of courtyard of enterprise, scientific research and authoritative personage participate in, be face business of industry of domestic and international concrete and orgnaization internationally large activity.
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