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Africa of Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages counsellor hopes group of arrowroo
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Recently, reporter of network of cement market conditions learns from Inc. of group of Ge Zhou dam, central Africa is friendly assist Guan Rexun of counsellor of department of Africa of vice-chairman Wang Yunze, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tanzania are stationed in China ambassadorial Mapuli, south Africa is stationed in China a 10 people such as embassy minister Mo Kaisen make an on-the-spot investigation at group of Ge Zhou dam reaching by September. Ceaseless development expands in the process that Guan Rexun hopes group of arrowroot continent dam is developing African market, for African economy development and Central Africa friendship make new contribution.

According to Chinese arrowroot branch of cement of Inc. of continent dam group publicizes an old minister introduction, in making an on-the-spot investigation this, leader Yang Jixue, Liu Yanhua, Zhou Hougui, Qiu Xiaoping recieved group joint-stock company to call in guest, collaboration of Wu of bilateral obtain employment undertook friendly communicating.

As we have learned, yang Jixue of president of this group joint-stock company introduced the comprehensive strength of group of arrowroot continent dam to guests. Person of arrowroot continent dam is in strip of land between hills of cloth of 3 gorge, water, Long Tan, smelt metal is strapped, the technical standard that creates in a series of major projects such as creek, represented the top level of industry of world water and electricity, the cut of great river great river that accumulates in construction sheds aircrew of water and electricity of technology of excavate of cubic metro of earth and stone of technology, easy quantity, dam technology, high capacity to install all sorts of technology, complex geology the fundamental processing technology below the condition, achieved international banner level. Current, group of arrowroot continent dam is in 15 worldwide countries and area bear built a project, among them, the cheats shellfish to pull project and Pakistan Buddhist nun of Nigeria straps Mu • Jielemu the project is current Chinese enterprise in the world bear the biggest individual project that build.

Yang Jixue still introduced Ge Zhou to guest key dam group cement and civilian explode board piece development state of affairs; Tanzania is stationed in China ambassadorial Mapuli, south Africa is stationed in China the case that embassy minister Mo Kaisen introduced Tanzania and progress of south Africa economy and construction of water and electricity respectively, express, the actual strength with solid bloc of arrowroot continent dam left deep impression to them, market of African water and electricity is very broad, they are willing and group of arrowroot continent dam deepens communication further, begin multiple collaboration, write the new page of Central Africa friendship.

Old minister still introduces, that day afternoon, investigation group group still is in of Zhou Hougui of vise general manager of this group joint-stock company, chief engineer guide next visitting company culture a covered corridor or walk, listened to the introduction that the historical evolution about Ge Zhou dam mixes Zhou Hougui to basically develop outstanding achievement. Finally, guan Rexun expresses, central Africa is friendly assist, department of Africa of Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to support Chinese enterprise to develop African market, in hoping this group is developing the process of African market, ceaseless development expands, develop for African economy, make new contribution for Central Africa friendship.
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