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Cement of special type of arrowroot continent dam infiltrates European market
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Recently, reporter of network of cement market conditions learns from plant of cement of Ge Zhou dam, this factory in September the middle ten days of a month and manufacturer of world-renowned building materials -- England always binds the sale contract of cement of below company autograph 70 thousand tons of wildcat. This mark is worn after afterwards of cement of special type of plant of cement of arrowroot continent dam enters market of Asia, Africa, succeed again infiltrate European market.

According to Ge Zhou gentleman of week of dam cement plant introduces, in September the first ten days of a month, always bind Douglas of leather spy • goes to company mainland general manager on a special trip after plant of cement of Ge Zhou dam undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation, express, the product quality of plant of cement of arrowroot continent dam and technology detect, craft condition is accorded with completely always requirement of couplet company cooperation, especially the concept that this factory takes environmental protection enterprise seriously to build, always bind more sturdily company and the determination that plant of cement of Ge Zhou dam cooperates.

According to introducing, common cement basically is used at civilian build and highway construction, and special type cement is used at the special building such as large dams, the recipe is different from common cement, the demand is higher, performance is better. As we have learned, always bind the company all sets a branch in England, chinese mainland and Chinese Hong Kong, produce and sell product of high grade building materials, it is development of promotion of association of industry of Chinese building waterproof and Chinese bulk cement association doing mixes unit of member of mortar major committee. It is reported, always bind when company and plant of cement of Ge Zhou dam sign the order form that offer money, chief skin is special • Douglas gentleman affirms, plant of cement of arrowroot continent dam is the business that the environmental protection that this company sees in chinese mainland does best, also be exclusive the enterprise that can fulfil ISO14001 international environment strictly to manage a system to ask, the company has confidence and the company that have strong sense of responsibility so to cooperate for a long time.

According to introducing, plant of cement of arrowroot continent dam is the building materials business that Hubei province carries clean production first times to check and accept qualification. Long-term since, this factory inspects environmental protection to be the life of the enterprise from beginning to end, unremitting construction environment is friendly model enterprise. "Environmental protection also is productivity. Our special type cement infiltrates European market, it is person of Ge Zhou dam carry out the success of economic benefits of translate into of environmental protection construction. Will want henceforth with for window, continue to be the cement in the factory to sell the market to pave a road. " Mr Zhou talks.
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