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Sand of international of the material in be stationed in Yang Honglin of sand sp
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On October 3, 2008, china is stationed in Yang Honglin of sand spy ambassador to lead car of drive of diplomatic mission staff member 70 kilometers, sand of Inc. of project of international of the material in heading for is special project of RCC cement product line undertakes survey, visit personnel of project project technology.

Yang Honglin expresses after listening to project controller to concern the introduction, RCC project project will undertake on-the-spot survey before using National Day holiday this, it is to technology of RCC project project personnel states the festival is condolatory, wish everybody National Day is happy; 2 it is pair of project progress and me circumstance of employee production life undertakes survey, in so that diplomatic mission will is better henceforth,be stationed in sand endowment the enterprise offers service and advantage; 3 it is eye shot of staff member of development diplomatic mission, increase experience, construction of plant of on-the-spot understanding cement produces a course. Yang Honglin expresses, in recent years, material international cooperates to expand ceaselessly in sand in, in succession many cement product line builds go into operation, company technology, equipment and project quality win Sha Fang owner to approbate. International of the material in the hope is used at present in the favorable opportunity that sanded concern expands greatly, make persistent efforts, more project is won in sand. Yang Da makes international of the material in the requirement is protected protect a quantity to complete RCC project character, make this project becomes Sha Fang to understand the platform of actual strength of Chinese project technology, equipment, company and personnel quality. Yang Honglin is special still it is difficult to remind a project chief is overcome, strengthen project management, take manufacturing safety seriously, build perfect safety to be on guard mechanism.

RCC project controller thanks Yang Honglin to use holiday to see this project employee, think this reflected the diplomatic mission support to the enterprise and consideration adequately, indicate the demand that will make according to Yang Da, accomplish " implement safe policy, take safety seriously to be on guard, ensure living conditions " , protect protect a quantity to complete RCC project character, for Chinese enterprise win honour for.

RCC project includes two cement product line, first signed a contract in March 2005, in May 2007 put into production, day produces concrete 5000 tons. Second line project signed a contract in December 2007, design daily output is 5000 tons, be among construction, will build go into operation in August 2010.

During the festival, yang Honglin still visits northern company to be stationed in sand to be represented especially respectively place and " economic daily " the reporter that be stationed in sand stands, state to them the festival is condolatory.

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