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International oil price drops cut daily output of crude of 70 dollars OPEC or re
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International oil price is in last week 4 drop split 70 dollars, those who reach 15 months is new low later, OPEC country also does not sit again. Include Iran, Qatar, Ecuadorian, Libyan the multilateral leader that waits inside appears on supportive reduction of output in succession.

Likelihood reduction of output 1 million ~150 10 thousand pails

Be in in view of international oil price ground of type of tempest of 3 the middle of a month dropped in the past already oil price " cutting sb in two at the waist " , OPEC organization has been in 4 decisions reach the urgent meeting that holds in Vienna on November 18 formerly ahead of schedule last week on October 24.

At present market personage will announce reduction of output in 24 days to OPEC already make no doubt of, and more or less does specific reduction of output opinions vary. Qatar oil minister predicts, extent of OPEC reduction of output may be in 1 million pails / day, media of a few international thinks reduction of output may be in 1 million ~150 10 thousand pails / between day.

If OPEC is like the lowest of the market to expect reduction in production 1 million pails, so according to 32.47 million pails output will count day of OPEC crude oil September, will mean this organization to make an appointment with the crop of 3.08% to will be cut down. And this is occupied also be equivalent to 2007 demand of day of global crude oil -- 85.7 million pails / 1.17% of day.

Although think to have what extent of reduction of output achieves OPEC crude output only before analysts very one of ability are carried effectively brace up international oil price, but be close to the crop of 3% to cut down may bring oscillation to the market likewise. In addition, at present OPEC member country still is not OPEC petroliferous country to join the procession of reduction of output in active go canvassing, if these act to be able to pay Zhu Shi time really, to oily city shake will cannot small inspect, after all output of the rest of global crude oil is not much.

It is reported, when crude oil demand is most exuberant this year in July, according to the data that arrange of American the sources of energy publishs, the whole world is only exceed 1 million pails slightly / the odd supply of day. And at present, because OPEC has been in September reduction of output 500 thousand pails, although calculate,go up of consumption decrease, reckon odd crop also won't exceed 5 million pails, because this exceeds range of 1 million pails reduction of output,the likelihood makes afresh the market is supplied slant close.

Next week oil price or give priority to with small oscillation

But come round to look from eye only, although country of OPEC each member reduction of output of loudly appeal to the public shifts to an earlier date urgent meeting, a lot of analysts still rise superior to.
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