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Situation of domestic coal supply and demand is in changeover
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Chinese customs data shows, domestic coal will export a quantity to be 2.08 million tons September, drop considerably compared to the same period 53.6% . The author thinks, the first batch of quota give out basically and the 2nd batch of quota have not extend is to restrict coal to export what drop considerably advocate because of. In addition, slow down in demand of expensive stock, downstream trade and coal market trade vigor is making situation of coal market supply and demand produce changeover not quite.

In fact, september already is export volume is successive since 8 years of second half of the year fall after a rise of the 3rd month. According to statistical data, whole nation of before 3 quarters exports coal in all 35.72 million tons, drop compared to the same period 6.1% . Apparent, situation of supply and demand of domestic coal market is occurrent changeover. Above all, coal market tends evenly, coal industry enters phase of periodic be issued to lower levels, downstream trade slow down in demand, coal price drops in the round. Next, coal market trades not active. Information of Inc. of Wu of harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty shows, on October 13, this harbor puts coal to measure small fall after a rise to reach 8.1 million tons, coal stocks still is in exalted. In addition, index of coastal coal freight rate lasts fall after a rise (accumulative total drops more than 50% ) , show coal market trades further lack of power.

Domestic coal exports quota to was 53 million tons 2008, national hair changes appoint export quota at the first batch of coal allotting at the beginning of March, add up to 31.8 million tons, end by September already place remnant very few. At present quota of the 2nd batch of export has not extend will be September the main reason that volume of domestic coal export glides considerably. In addition, international coal price drops to also affect an enterprise to export motivation. At present domestic main coal produces price pattern to appear comprehensive " diving " . National hair changes appoint to staple commodity price the circumstance that monitor shows, september advocate coal yield a province gives mine price on average to be every tons 834 yuan. The corresponding period, price of international market coal drops continuously, at the beginning of October, price of Australian BJ coal is 125 dollars / ton (about 843 yuan of RMBs) the left and right sides, price of domestic and international coal keeps balance basically, domestic company exports enthusiasm to drop.

Nevertheless, be about to enter winter to use coal height currently, predict although have fall after a rise, the four seasons spends coal price, but will still maintain move in perch.

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