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A period of ten days of 9-10 the middle of a month " price of cement standard co
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In September " price of cement standard coal is poor " 208.7, annulus is compared in August 207.6 rise 0.6% , go up compared to the same period year in September 221.2 drop 5.7% . This is from May - successive in July after annulus comparing will drop in March, annulus of the 2nd month after annulus comparing will pick up in August compares afterwards pick up, although still under before in May level, but level of month of prep above 6-8. The price is poor in September from 2003 only prep above in August 2005 208.4.

In September price of coal of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty 974 yuan / ton, annulus drops than August 0.5% , rise compared to the same period 90% , this is from May - after coal price will rise in March continuously in July, afterwards in August callback of the 2nd month after the callback. Continuance of price of before October two weeks of coal glides trend, achieve piece since June 30 new low 955 yuan / ton, in October coal all valence annulus drops than September 1.4% , go up compared to the same period year of the corresponding period rise 82% .

Data of quantity of heat of hair of statistic of price of consumptive ground coal is successional go up to change somewhat, but show from data 16 provinces area will have our statistic in September the 9 provinces area such as Heibei, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Anhui consumes annulus of ground coal price to drop than August. Province of coal price fall will expand to in October 12, xinjiang, Ningxia comes from September 20 coal price did not go, add of price of coal of Jiangsu, Guangdong, Anhui falls.

BMI9 month 42.5 cement price 334.8 yuan / ton, annulus rises than August 0.15% , rise compared to the same period 15.1% , 3 years since in September only 4 years annulus drops than August. Annulus comparing will go up in September under in August (2.3% ) , also under go up year in September (0.46% ) . In addition, department of Commerce is monitored average price will be domestic cement September 343 yuan / ton, relatively small in August drop 0.9% .

Cement of CC31 province area will consume price pattern to 14 save area annulus in September than dropping, with go up photograph of year of the corresponding period if; In September only one province of Guangdong drops compared to the same period, 7 years the corresponding period has 10 provinces to drop compared to the same period. The first ten days of a month will have 18 to save annulus of area cement price in October than dropping, drop province area expands somewhat. The 6 provinces such as Guangdong, Hunan, Heibei are successive two months of annulus comparing drop, annulus of Beijing cement price is compared drop 29% .

9-10 month the first ten days of a month is the empty schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater that coal consumes busy season twice, coal price take advantage of an opportunity drops in anticipate in, but from October the coal after the last ten-day of a month enters a winter namely store, coal enters consumptive peak period, because of this future 2-3 because lunar coal price has short-term demand to prop up appear very hard to drop considerably, but rise considerably also not actual.
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