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Shandong is faced with the biggest " electric shortage " incessantly of cement c
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The reporter will learn on August 10, shortage of coal getting report and coal quality glide wait for element influence, shandong electrified wire netting is the biggest power separation 10.22 million kilowatt, be close to the 1/3 that saves power demand completely, it is Shandong province is faced with nearly 10 years the biggest " electric shortage " , and high cost can the industry is like the industry such as cement, steely, chemical industry to become suffer " electric shortage " the object that affects be the first to be affected.

Attemper according to company of group of Shandong electric power central controller introduces, shandong province shares 58 all to move a power plant, installed capacity 44.22 million kilowatt, 99% above are group of igneous electric machinery, this province electric power is the greatest this year demand predicts to be 37 million kilowatt. End on July 29, shandong electric power is the greatest breach 10.22 million kilowatt, be close to the 1/3 of power demand. Current, shandong province already undertook since this year the 2nd provincial big range is restricted report.

As we have learned, the main reason that creates this kind of situation is to be short of coal to stop machine. On July 28, because the power plant such as Qingdao power plant, Wei mill power plant is short of coal newspaper to stop 5 unit, in all 1.76 million much tile. What Shandong province uses electric coal the 70% markets outside coming from the province such as Shanxi, Heibei, Henan, Shaanxi. Allocate and transport as a result of the coal outside the province not do one's best, bring about a power plant to use coal strain. 2 because coal pledges difference causes equipment to damage,be big, aircrew faces reason to trim increase. Last year first half of the year, overlook reason long rate has 2.3% only, increase to 7.6% first half of the year this year, will increase to 11.65% June among them, have again at present increase. On July 28, because equipment malfunction stops of machine have 34 in all 5.8 million kilowatt. Up to on July 28, shandong electric power cannot achieve 15.6 million kilowatt with the capacity. The high cost such as cement can the industry is faced with with electric situation austere, company production, sale all is affected badly, suffer visit incessantly of enterprise complain of suffering.

Supply the actual condition that is not worth badly according to electric power of current cement company, division system decided the orderly program that use phone related Shandong province a few days ago, company of partial urine sludge is become directly " be restricted report " object, by arrangement stop production. Execute wrong peak production to partial cement company, carry out strictly " leave 5 stop 2 " , " leave 4 stop 3 " , " leave 3 stop 4 " wait plan of wrong peak of have holidays by turns a moment, between the fastigium that use phone adopt the overhaul actively, pressure produce, a variety of means such as stop production avoid peak, move in order to ensure safety of electrified wire netting is stable to be supplied in order with electric power.
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