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Distributed the sources of energy: Dominant industry grows new trend
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The sources of energy is the link with modern society the most crucial progress and the majorrest task, as the development of industry and society, expand with each passing day to the consumption of the sources of energy, this lets limited energy resources be in the infinite certainly will in using up is nervous with each passing day, want to obtain great progress, must the new-style energy resources with more extensive demand and more scientific spending pattern.

Be in our country, energy problem has been highlighted. National hair changes appoint vice director Zhang Xiaojiang put forward a few days ago, our country population is numerous, resource of average per capita is little, ecosystem is flimsier, accelerating industrialized, town to change, huge population natural resources and environmental pressure are faced in modern course, urgent need develops new energy resources energetically, build new energy resources to consume kind, increase own innovation capacity.

The current situation: In short supply price climbs the sources of energy litre

Since the near future, as the ceaseless development of production of our country industry and economy, the demand of the basic the sources of energy such as coal, report, oil is increasing ceaselessly, the price also is rising ceaselessly.

Show according to the data, at present price of our country coal will still keep exalted firm in have litre, but go up will put delay somewhat. The expert is forecasted, this year building materials, electric power, steely, chemical industry aggregate increment is demand of industry of coal of 4 main bad news to be controlled 225 million tons, generation set of coal fired of put into production of foreland of together with southeast is more, coal market demand will still carry vigorous state. Look from cost, the policy sex of coal adds an element to will promote coal manufacturing cost apparently. Coal can develop fund, resource to compensate cost, prospect continuously extraction of authority and mining authority money paid for something purchased or received for something sold, safe charge and " two ferry are stuck " wait for coal to produce cost to increase to be in probably every tons of 70-80 yuan. Predict this year situation of dynamical coal supply and demand will somewhat hasten is close, coking coal will still be shown demand exceeds supply pattern, coal value is total will keep exalted firm in have the run mode power that raise.

Up to on August 20, the whole nation already began to carry out go up on average move 2 minutes of money / the new online electrovalency of kilowatt hour. National hair changes appoint released on its website " the announcement that about raising firepower to generate electricity enterprise online electrovalency concerns an issue " announce the detailed rules that move price, press 5 prices archives, from 0-2.5 cent stipulates each save specific online electrovalency to adjust range, include Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu among them inside 8 province carried out 2.5 minutes / of kilowatt hour highest on amplitude modulation. Detailed rules is additionally medium special allude: "Because enterprise of electrified wire netting gets online the pay of the cost that buy electricity that electrovalency rises and raises, bring into sell electrovalency to adjust next time solve as a whole " .
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