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Electrovalency keeps exalted, industry of four quarters cement continues " beari
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Latter, bigger electrified wire netting finished countrywide each district smoothly to greet a peak estivate and ensure two Olympic Gameses keep electric job. But as a result of before paragraph electric power price is average every kilowatt hour raises money 2.5 minutes, still brought the pressure that cost increases to countrywide industry business.

Use up the cement industry of large family as the sources of energy, energy resources of report, coal rises in price to produce what affect cement directly cost, become the bottleneck that restricts concrete development. Since electric power rises in price, government of class of a few city published the relevant provision of limitation of cement power consumption again, in ensure energy-saving policy is carried out while, is cement company faces electric power of the sources of energy to rise in price how answer?

Shaanxi: Cement rises in price to enclothe cost to rise hard

Will rise on July 1 from this year, national development changes appoint announce countrywide electrovalency average every kilowatt hour raises money 2.5 minutes. These 2.5 minutes of money produced cost to bring not little impact to cement however.

As we have learned, cement company ton cement power consumption 90 kilowatt hour (take no account of more than heat to generate electricity) , ton cost of cement electric power is 45-50 yuan, 27% what occupy cement to produce cost about, 20% what hold cement price.

Have analysis of trade public figure, 0.025 yuan are moved this on electrovalency / kilowatt hour, will bring about ton of cement cost to rise 2.25 yuan or 1.2% , cement price needs 2.25 yuan to rise / ton or 1% , just can offset this electrovalency rises the cost that cause rises.

The branch of city of cattail of Yao Bai spy below banner of Inc. of cement of special type of Shaanxi Yao Bai cement will leave factory September quote, p.C32.5 makes an appointment with 370 yuan / ton, p.C42.5 makes an appointment with 385 yuan / ton. Company controller says frankly to the reporter, as coal price rise considerably, already created quite great pressure to the cost of the enterprise, this cement electric power purchases the price to go up again again tone, although go up amplitude modulation is lesser, but to cement large family of such bad news report still is very influential. At present cement price also appeared to fluctuate, the maximum price of wh what month rises before extent already broke through 100 yuan, the closest quote rises in original basis again 30 yuan or so. Although cement rises in price, product flourishing is sold, but enclothe cost to rise hard however, company profit is quite scanty still, circumstance can care.

Trade public figure points out, the sources of energy rises in price extent wants prep above cement to rise in price far extent. Coal of company of cement of in former years purchases the value year average every tons 218 yuan, electric power purchases the value year average every kilowatt hour 0.49 yuan, cement producer price year average every tons 222 yuan, coal is cheaper than cement; This year first half of the year, cement company coal purchases price accumulative total average every tons 460 yuan, electric power purchases price accumulative total average every kilowatt hour 0.6 yuan, accumulative total of cement producer price is average every tons 263 yuan. Coal price broke up one time, electric power rises in price 22 % , cement price rises only 18 % , cement rises in price to enclothe cost to rise hard.
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