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International coal price dropped in January fall after a rise of occurrence perc
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Because the market worries about the demand of Europe, Japan and China to put delay, international coal price successive a few weeks of big defeat, drop nearly split 120 dollars / ton col. Meanwhile, domestic coal price also appears the potential of exalted fall after a rise. The analysis inside course of study thinks, suffer be a burden on of case of boat freight rate, future 3 to coal of 6 months international the price or still will drop further.

After the last ten-day of a month in September, suffer concussion of financial seismic sea wave, price of international report coal goes low to come all the way nearly 6 months are new low. Electron of round-the-world yesterday coal trades weekly index shows platform, last week (on October 3) international coal price relatively before a week drops greatly 7.81 dollars / ton, already dropped to 121.17 dollars / ton, this one price relatively at the beginning of September (on September 5) more differred 40.18 dollars / ton. Mere in January time, international coal price drops extent is close 25% .

"Right now the focus of the market is interest empty news. " a personage inside course of study expresses, include demand of Chinese market coal to put delay, haven and reserve of power plant coal increase ceaselessly wait for market information to be opposite international coal market produces an effect.

Be in our country, suffer the element effect such as macroscopical adjusting control, domestic coal also presents the power that gives exalted fall after a rise. Chinese content sheds information center data to show, annulus of index of price of whole of raw coal of current August link compares China drop 2.7% , appear since April first fall after a rise. Whole month September, the harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty that regards domestic coal market as barometer puts coal quantity to still last exalted, coal price also general falls 20 yuan / or so tons.

Additional, according to custom statistic, since June Chinese coal speaks a volume successive two months drop apparently, also reflect situation of assuasive of demand of market of coal of inside and outside going abroad. Among them, china will export coal that month August 3.37 million tons, reduce 1.41 million tons than July, reduce 3.62 million tons than June.

"At present circumstance of coal imports and exports and market condition of coal of harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty reflected power demand abate, price of domestic future coal may continue to be able to be reduced. " a personage inside course of study says. But, also analytic personage holds different view: Although at present coal is supplied,still be in close balance position, but because get each district winter store coal demand, transport power slants cost of production of close, coal rises wait for element influence, coal price will still continue to maintain perch to move. "Predicting future in a month domestic coal price look forward to firm, coal price will rebound in two months. " a personage inside course of study says.
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