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Dens by night rush-days off cement production tons are located in Phuket manho
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7-8 months this year, this newspaper had reported a row between the Bao'an and Longgang district of the phenomenon of the proliferation of fake cement, followed by the relevant departments to carry out a special campaign, destroyed several dens of fake cement, seized more than a dozen of selling fake cement shops. Recently, some members of the public rebellion that once "convergence" trend is on the rise off the cement, the two major counterfeiting and dens was found hiding in Phuket, manhole remote place, the reporter once again to track the investigation. Dens polluting counterfeiting Mr Liu, who lives in South Bay streets, told reporters a few days ago, he went to Phuket in the flat direction Kyrgyzstan Boulevard sidewalk, across viaduct Jihe highway tunnel, the wind blowing head, he could not stop he kept cough. "The road fairly clean, not much dust, I then looked up and found the pavement right in a row after the woods with high metal barrels are constantly flying out the gray dust." Mr Liu said he had read Jing Bao cement on the false reports, then look at these high metal barrel, more and more like a fake cement manufacturing dens. "If so, regulators should make the seizure, the scourge of such dens is not only consumers, but also a victim of our environmental pollution by these people." Reporters to the scene after receiving the report, unannounced visits, found the counterfeit dens really is stepping up production, a medium goods vehicle into which from time to time there, so when it pulled out again, is full of various brands of bagged cement. This reporter saw two blue metal bucket to the top emitting a large number of high-dust, the wind would blow it toward the sidewalk, pedestrians have their noses in the past Fleet of Foot. Reporter then pretend you want to buy the cement into the dens, the workers who was operating reporter warmly received, when a reporter asked him to show his license related to, the kind of workers changing their attitude, and said impatiently: "What we have here cards are not, you only buy, not to buy or leave. " Solidification of cement to two or three days off These fake cement sales to the market what will be wrong with that? Wong this is deep. According to him, he was in Songgang as contractors, contracted in August this year, a small project requires a lot of cement, the asking Jincheng Road to the north end of the manhole is located in the building materials market to buy cement, was purchased more than 3,000 ton, the price is 310 yuan per ton, but brought back only to find that the cement is difficult to solidify into the template will be condensed to wait two or three days together. "The cement must be mixed with too much impurity will be this way, I was back looking for him, but refuses to acknowledge each other, that they did not sell the cement!" The other side denied that he was also stupid not to stay the documents, Mr. Wong can only eat this Yaba Kui. According to the clues provided by Mr. Wong, a reporter at 9 am went to the brothers, Jincheng Road, a cement building materials market in the packaging point, 3 large cans brown standing tall, are followed by transport with the following, several workers busy subcontracting, the ground strewn with a variety of packaging bags. A man claiming to official said, to pull to the goods only at night, they do not start the day. "Now business search catches the evening packing is safe. If the price of bagged cement, mainly to see what label you want, and 9:1 (90% cement, 10% of the impurities) 340 per tonne, the other less expensive." This person in charge said. When a reporter said to meet the boss wants to talk about the price, this charge has buck up: "The boss will not come, you want the goods to me on the line! Anyway, here one day we can produce an average of 120 tons, the supply side is no problem . " The packaging points and Jincheng Road toward the building materials market is linked brothers? Brothers, said in charge of building materials, cement packaging is another point was contracting, not part of their building materials market.
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