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MARKET TALK: China cement stocks bucked the market trend power restriction-in
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Hong Kong Time 1336-- cement stocks bucked the market, limit electricity price increases triggered by the continuing, but stocks are accumulating short-term gains, or a technical adjustment pressures. Qilian Mountain (600720) rose 4.25%, built of pine (600425) rose 4.08%, Conch Cement (600585) rose 3.41%. Shanghai-based analyst said that demand for peak season and limited by the power factors, last week, Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and other southern regions continue to rise in cement prices, cement prices stable in other parts; Although the market worried about the end of this year, close to a limit of power quarter of the off-season, in the southern region will be down the price of cement, but is not expected to fall back to the beginning of the level of the current round of price increases, the industry can still profit growth of; maintained buy rating plate, and plate the whole optimistic about the growth in demand over the valuation low.
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