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Chinas third quarter a steady development trend of cement industry
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In the policy, cost, demand, and many of the positive promotion, the third quarter of cement industry has shown a steady growth trend, with demand coming season, is expected to continue steady growth in the fourth quarter. October 27, according to Xinhua News Agency reported by the Economic Daily in the climate index by industry research centers and National Bureau of Statistics China Economic Monitoring Center on the index, third quarter 2010, the climate index by the cement industry Was 102.3 points (economic standard of 100 points), edged up 0.1 points from the previous quarter; in the cement industry by the early warning indicators of 113.3 points, unchanged from the previous quarter, to continue in the normal "green zone" area to run warmer. Index report, the overall point of view, three quarters of the cement business cycle stability of the previous quarter continued the momentum of development. Run from the industry specific indicators, third quarter, the cement industry and cement export taxes year on year growth rate of total Both increased, the cement industry sales revenue, cement production, the number of employees, profit and fixed assets investment is showing absolute seasonal increase in growth rate decline in the year. This shows that the countries on the elimination of backward production To optimize the structure of cement industry and other policy guidance, positive changes in the cement industry. The third quarter, the cement industry, energy saving effect is remarkable, eliminate backward production capacity smoothly. In the policy, cost, demand, and many other aspects of The active promotion, the cement industry has shown a steady growth trend. Index analysis, the national policy on the regulation of a significant effect on the cement industry, cement industry is gradually moving towards its own development and reasonable. With the arrival of the cement demand season, the fourth quarter is expected to smooth the cement industry will continue to Development.
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