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Low temperature of city of Guangxi Yu Lin more than heat generates electricity t
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Recently, the reporter understands from Guangxi cement association, wen Yu heat of city of Guangxi Yu Lin generates electricity the project uses north to shed conch one, 2 period a large number of pure low temperature that product line of cement of two new-style grog working a way produces the project more than heat, know exorbitant effect more than heat boiler heats up waste gas translate into vapour, enter turbine to drive generation set to generate electricity, become Guangxi cement industry to use more than heat to generate electricity the project that the first succeeds and the net runs.

As we have learned, this project always invests 130 million yuan, year design electricenergy production 138 million kilowatt hour, predict to be able to realize power supply to measure 128.5 million kilowatt hour after project building, be equivalent to managing standard coal 51400 tons. To offerring energy utilization rate, prompt circular economy progress, improvement environmental quality is having important sense.

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