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Director of transportation of county of short for Shaanxi Province of Xining of
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According to introducing, after county of Shaanxi province peaceful short for Shaanxi Province connects media of classics of problem of quality of existence of ministry of village cement railway administration 2 times to report, the height that caused province, city to concern a section takes the wide attention with the society seriously. A few days ago, county of peaceful short for Shaanxi Province adopts measure quickly to be rectified and reform actively, undertake handling to relevant responsibility person.

On October 22, government of county Party committee of peaceful short for Shaanxi Province, county holds special subject meeting again, instruct relevant unit to undertake rectifying and reform in the round. Current, the roadbed that canister oil path exists, barrel-drain and break part of board grade issue to had been handled reach the designated position, arenaceous problem is undertaking plan is designed rectifying and reform since road surface. Disjunction board of Shang Balu already overall treatment, individual water destroys the oar build by laying bricks or stones of roadbed to block a wall to intensifying construction.

On October 25, county Party committee of peaceful short for Shaanxi Province considers to decide, the take the blame of Tian Weibin of director of prefectural traffic bureau that orders duty of negative main leader resigns, enjoin the county is censorial bureau make a thorough investigation of as soon as possible fact, give to person of other and relevant responsibility gravity is handled. To the canister oil path of problem of local presence quality, Shang Balu of short duration does not grant to check and accept, rectify and reform the cost that reach the designated position and bears a generation on schedule by construction group, the construction team that needs construction quality at the same time includes blacklist, cancel inside 3 years its bear build a seniority.

Origin: Xi'an evening paper

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