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Bottom of next year of Jiangsu Xuzhou city approves cent close companies of all
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On October 23, switch of call together of Jiangsu Xuzhou city shuts cement establishing kiln to produce company job conference, the decision adopts cost of capital award, tax, land to wait urge measure, shut whole town all cement establishing kiln produce a business.

Current, this city shares 32 cement establishing kiln to produce a business, 66 establish kiln, manufacturing technology backward, specific power consumption tall, pollution is heavier. According to the requirement, come since this day before December 31, 2009, product line of all cement establishing kiln will divide whole town batch shut entirely. Introduce according to environmental protection branch, after shutting cement establishing kiln to produce a business, the of all kinds industry such as waste gas, liquid waste, dust pollutes discharge capacity to will decrease greatly, quality brings the air environment that can give whole town to change apparently. Stop to encourage an enterprise to close inside demarcate time, xuzhou city published policy of multinomial award privilege.

Origin: New China daily

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