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The four seasons spends: Cement industry is lagging produce the important time w
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Recently, industry and informatization department are public showed those who plan to announce " should grant to wash out backward cement to produce 2008 can company list " , this list is a basis each district classics appoint (classics trade appoint) , hair change appoint, the 2008 year that industry and Information Industry bureau report should grant to wash out backward cement to produce can company list, department of raw material industry had pool and become.

Change by issue as before appoint file, 2007 ~ should wash out 280 million tons in all 2010, had washed out 80 million tons or so 2007 among them (fall into disuse actually in those days predict to be controlled in 65 million tons, remain before belonging to, fall into disuse, but plan into eliminated a capacity 2007) , accordingly, rigid of 3 years washed out 2008 ~ 2010 the task is 200 million tons.

But since this year, the data that does not have enough authority so far proves what had come true to eliminate a capacity, but from with hair change appoint, in the communication process of association, so far, eliminate rate and not quite fast, reason is simpler: Cement industry profit margin since this year pretty good all the time, set out from the angle of market natural selection, there is not the excuse that eliminate this year.

Four quarters are a crucial time window, this also is why industry and informatization ministry choose to be in right now fair show 2008 year to should grant to wash out backward cement to produce can the reason of company list, on one hand four quarters were 2008 eliminate the job in those days up to time, additional, can make lag behind produce what can accept society and public opinion to supervise, show backward to falling into disuse have very main effect.

From fair show list to look, the kiln measure that the province such as Heibei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Yunnan drafts to fall into disuse is in 40 above, was 2008 wash out big province. The eliminates a quantity to concern to next year boom change condition that we still think the four seasons is spent this year is very fundamental, the following chart is our union new increase production can, backward eliminate all sorts of case risks that become, if 2008 backward fall into disuse can exceed anticipate more than 80 million tons, exceed 90 million tons even, although the slow down in demand of next year arrives,6 % of 5 % ~ are controlled, trade situation bearing is passable. So the four seasons spends this year it is very important to eliminate a capacity.

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