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Fujian cement large stockholder will be incorporated to recombine
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Fujian cement now announcement, company know is the biggest building materials of partner Fujian Province (accuse) finite liability company the basis " the give an official that government of Fujian Province people belongs to an enterprise to recombine plan about partial province " spirit undertakes recombining, group of energy of the Fujian Province that be brought into finite liability company.

Accuse according to case, government of Fujian Province people already agreed to establish group of Fujian Province energy finite liability company, company of group of industry of Fujian Province coal and Fujian Province building materials (accuse) finite liability company is amalgamative recombine, fujian Province building materials (accuse) the wholy-owned subsidiary that finite liability company regards energy group as the company. Energy group company basically will be engaged in coal, electric power, haven, cement, civilian explode the production of chemical product is managed.

Origin: Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for

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