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Jiangsu Xuzhou establishs kiln cement to produce an enterprise to close group by
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On October 23, switch of call together of Jiangsu Xuzhou city shuts cement establishing kiln to produce company job conference, the decision adopts cost of capital award, tax, land to wait urge measure, shut Xuzhou city all cement establishing kiln produce a business, promote existing industry administrative levels, improvement urban environment quality, to revitalize Xuzhou old industry base provides support.

  32 companies component closes 3 batches stop

According to the strategic deploy that revitalizes base of Xuzhou old industry, xuzhou city breeds concentration development equipment manufacturing industry, food to reach farming industry of by-product treatment industry, energy and trade matter shed tourism 4 big one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two industries, the side key of development depends on further change economy growing way, promotion has industrial arrangement, extend content of science and technology the burgeoning industry with tall, good economic benefits, shut wash out company of cement establishing kiln to be helpful for industrial conformity, optimize promotion.

Current, xuzhou city shares 32 cement establishing kiln to produce a business, 66 establish kiln, manufacturing technology backward, specific power consumption tall, pollution is heavier. According to the requirement, this day has product line of will all to whole town cement establishing kiln cent is approved shut, among them the first batch of 6 home companies are shut before December 31, 2008, the 2nd batch of 18 home companies are closed before June 30, 2009, the 3rd batch of 8 home companies at be being shut before December 31, 2009.

Favourable policy is encouraged close stop

Stop to encourage an enterprise to close inside demarcate time, xuzhou city published policy of multinomial award privilege. Every includes the business that closes roll every demolish to establish kiln, on the foundation that rewards fund in the province, city class finance again form a complete set rewards 500 thousand yuan; The company shuts inside formulary time stop, still will enjoy regular tax to expend favourable policy, change the line of production in former address other item or transfer new site to go up newly other item, inside 3 years after new project investment gains profit, cent of income tax place is returned entirely into the part return a company. In addition, use in land, the worker finds a place for wait for a respect to also offer sufficient privilege, if shut cement company unemployment to finding a place for the enterprise of 20 people above, before by everybody 1000 yuan give post, groom capital is accessorial.

  Promote urban environment quality

While company of production of cement establishing kiln is driving our city economy to develop, also make zoology, environment paid price. Statistic of branch of the environmental protection that occupy town is calculated, the cement establishing kiln of Xuzhou city produced an enterprise to discharge oxidation of sulfur of cement dust, 2 oxidation, nitrogen to add up to content to occupy whole town industry to discharge gross respectively last year 66% , 4% , 8% , among them environment of state of opposite of cement dust discharge capacity caused relatively serious effect.
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